The World Above

Down below

Are you a man or a mouse?

Zain: So, I was stuck in jail for almost two days before everything got worst. I tried talking with Derick, but between that and speaking to a wall, there wouldn’t be much of a difference. A women entered. They seemed like they knew each other quite well. We pretended to sleep, and she talked to him. She saw through his little subterfuge but he still wouldn’t move. She left saying that it would be the last time they spoke to each other. When he woke up, I tried getting to know who she was. I made a bad joke… And I probably shouldn’t have… He mumbled something when I asked again who the woman was. I couldn’t quite hear it, but… Maybe I understood, but it makes no sense. How would he know…? And why would she…?

???: Why are you so interested in that man anyway? He doesn’t really means much to you now, does he?

Zain: Well, he helped us a few times, and we come from the same place. He just might be someone I know.

???: I see, so how did you manage to escape then? Being your size, you can’t exactly fit through the bars of the prison.

Zain: Derick had a plan. He always has. He pulled a saw or something from his heel and cut one of the bars and then with spoons we… I don’t think you need all the specifics, that was pretty jackass though. So, since there was a big party, there weren’t much guards left in the dungeons. The one sleeping guard was not even a slight challenge. We got our gear back and devised a plan to exit through the sewers. We also hoped to find our friend Djenna. You probably saw her too. White haired girl.

???: The white mouse, yes yes, I have. Why did you want to see her?

Zain: My other friend was still in jail and in bad shape. He needed some help that we couldn’t give him. Figured Djenna would find a way to get him out of here safe and sound. In the meanwhile, me and Derick got lost in the sewers but eventually found Djenna and sent her to help our other friend. I kept on trying to convince the old man to talk but he never would open his damned mouth about it. Then we found this place, full of weird cocoon filled with some kind of virus. Nothing you want to see in the water of your sewers I swear. We started taking them off carefully so it wouldn’t spill and we kept on fighting each other over whether or not he should talk about him and that woman. He got mad at me, saying I wasn’t old enough, that I wasn’t ready. What am I not ready for anyway?! Not like it really concerns me… unless it does. But I can take whatever he has in store for me. He says I’m a kid? How many kid fell from the sky, built a city and fought with behemoths?!

Derick: What’cha saying kid? Talking with a mouse or what?

Zain: Doing like you ol’ man, talking to myself.

Derick: Well quit blabbering and lend me a hand. We got enough rest for now, we gotta get those last few cocoons down before whatever happens with’em.

Zain: Alright, well, thank you little one. Here, have some cheese, like I promised. I was keeping it in case we were stuck here longer than planned but you deserved it.

Mouse: Thank you!

Zain: I must be that desperate to bribe mouse into listening to me whining… I just wish Fosco and Kaelach were there right now…


Boivin ralphot

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