The World Above

City of spires

If the cap fits, put it on!

Derick: So there kiddo, how’d you end up locked in here with Ol’ Deringer?

Zain: I guess we just have a knack for getting in troubles way bigger than us. We started by giving a ride to a new friend of ours. See, we were headed for Merza, but we stumbled on him and gave him lift. We have our own airship now too by the way!

Derick: That’s great boy, hope you help that Fosco a bit more than you did with me!

Zain: We went on our way to Merza after that and Fosco With my help made it all the way there. We stopped to rest a bit as the night had fallen and something seemed to cause problems to one of the thrusters of the ship. Me and Fosco went out to investigate and we found a hat with a message. “Beware the pendrachs” or something like that. We didn’t have much time to think about it as we were attacked by lizardmen. I was wounded and retreated inside. Fosco gave them a good roughing up right before I use our thrusters to burn these monsters.

Derick: Ingenious kid. There ain’t no good night o’ rest without some action.

Zain: By the next day, we made it to Merza. A kind fisherman allowed us to embark on his boat to enter the city. Really, this whole place is really impressive; it’s nothing like anything I’ve seen before, let alone something down in the Wyld. I thought it would be nothing but small villages and ruins but this, this is something else. As we set foot in the city though, we felt like the odd men out, dressed like strangers. We all split to do our things and investigate.

Derick: Investigate? What were you kids investigatin’?

Zain: Well, some merchant told us we needed a permit for trade around here. We also had wind of something fishy going on here with the guarantors. Honestly, seems like there is something fishy going on or we wouldn’t be in jail.

Derick: I see! So, ye all went your separate ways.

Zain: Yeah. Fosco had a meeting planned with someone he saw in a dream so we let him do his business. Kaelach decided to work at the docks to earn us a bit of money and I went to explore the city a little. Can’t find information if I don’t walk around a bit.

Derick: You ain’t gonna find anything if you don’t search fer it! True men of adventure know that.

Zain: And I did find what I was looking for. Two guards were talking. There were saying things about the Pendrachs but I couldn’t hear it all. Though, I heard that the Pendrachs had a bounty on our head. Two thousands dinars I think. They came to see me but I managed to hide my face with my hat a bit and they didn’t recognize me. I don’t stand out that much in a crowd.

Derick: That’s true fer ya, but your two buddies are pretty darn different.

Zain: Exactly the reason why I’m here. I searched for them to tell them we had a bounty. When I went to Kaelach, we were able to hide him from the guards when they spotted us. Then, when I went to talk to Fosco and this is when it turned sour. Bocky blew our cover and the guards gave us chase. Me and Fosco split ways again to outrun them. It wasn’t easy but we made it. Well, I made it, I didn’t see Fosco ever since. Honestly though, it would take more than that to catch him.

Derick: That rascal is worth and entire crew alone. Ol’ Deringer isn’t worried either. He’s not here with us after all. But, ye made it out of the guards chase, how’d you make it in these cozy cells?

Zain: I met back with Kaelach, went to a bar with him and his new found friends. When we left the establishment, guards were surrounding us. We tried getting some info from them but there was nothing new to know except that we were accused of conspiracy. Nothing new to us there, it’s becoming a habit. We followed the guards. We’re supposed to have a trial or something anyway, so we can surely find something about what’s going on this way. I just hope Fosco stays safe.

Derick: I’m sure he will… Just believe in him the way I believe in you kid.

Zain: What did you just say? You didn’t talk loud enough. Our cells aren’t so close you know!

Derick: Oh, nothing, just an ol’ sailor talkin to himself. That’s what happen when I sober up too much. So kids, what’s the plan? You’ll wait till they come to get you? You were already falsely accused of conspiracy, so you might as well falsely be condemned for it. That’s just how it works ‘round these parts. We breaking out or what?

Zain: When the time comes we will leave. For now let’s wait for news of the Pendrachs. It’ll take more than iron bars to stop us!


Boivin ralphot

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