Tag: Tuxing


  • Guan Dong

    Summer residence of the Tuxing court, it is also the location of the nation's largest temple, the Full-Moon abbey. It is where the delegations of all nations will be meeting for the extraordinary council of six.

  • Councilor Eight-Steps

    A secretive man, as all Navigators are, he is the Queen's right hand man. Or rather, was. Now that the Queen is no more, the burden of leadership rests on his shoulders, as law dictates. The Isles now look to him for guidance and leadership at the Meet, …

  • Queen Ming-Ming

    The late ruler of Tuxing was found murdered in the main chapel of the Temple of Luna after the first day of diplomatic negotiations of the Council of Six Isles. Her muderers were three little known individuals from various nations, which has left the …