The World Above

The city of high winds
"I'm not affraid of heights!"

Zain: Oh, Pazuzu, I’m really glad you’re back with me! So much has happened since we were thrown off the islands. We’ve met new people, seen new places; I really wish you were there with me to see all of this. Where should I begin? I all started when we woke up, alive and “well” down below and met a man we would come to call Omen…


Zain: …So we were in Jadewisp for, say, one week, just enough for Fosco to recover from his “sunburns”. After that week, things started to move again. The people of Jadewisp started going to see Fosco, calling him “The survivor”. They wanted to touch him, get his blessing. I mean, he only BARELY survived, I wouldn’t pray to that. Anyway, later, Ancient brought us to “the seers”, two strange people. They were “no longer fae” according to them. In any case, they would help us mine the strange ore the sword was made out of. Derrick caused a ruckus with his wine, and, in a weird turn of event, I ended up riding an army of pigs…

Pazuzu: You were even drunker than he was, Zain.

Zain: Not even, I swear! At least I’ve made a friend. His name is Buck, Buck the piglet. Anyway so, we went at the MS Destroyer with the airship. We let Kaelach go first. I regretted this decision very fast, as the sword busted into flames. We barely avoided the blast, thanks to the seers and their powers. I hurried down there as fast as possible to find Kaelach badly burnt. He wasn’t as burnt as Fosco was, but still, it’s the kind of wound that takes a while to heal, except for Kaelach. I stayed down while the seers were mining the golden ore. When they were done with what they could, I let them climb up and when I grabbed on to the ladder, the winds changed. Omen appeared right next to me. He thanked us for what we had just done. I tried bashing him with a chunk of ore without much success, so I grabbed him, hoping Kaelach would fire the giant ballista on him while he couldn’t move.

Pazuzu: From the little I know about this man, I’m surprised you even tried to convince him to shoot at you like that Zain. And it was a crazy plan too.

Zain: It was a crazy plan, but hey, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do! Oh god, that sounded like Derrick…Anyhow, we went back to Jadewisp after Omen vanished on his own, where the seers crafted us tools to battle out foe. They still needed some time before being ready, so we had to wait until the proper time to use them. It wasn’t long before we sailed off from Jadewisp with the seers. They knew a way through the storm. Derrick was at the wheel, and the instructions of the seers were… Even for my standards… bad. 10 minutes to the right? What was that? What matters is that, we made it out safe and sound.

Pazuzu: Yes, I must admit that these instructions are clearly insufficient, but that old man Derrick clearly wasn’t sufficient either. Two negative make one positive, right?

Zain: Don’t say that about Derrick, he’s… good at what he does. He dropped us at the bottom of Mount Megatelapa. He said he wouldn’t go any higher, that it was too dangerous. We parted with him. He shook hands with Kaelach and Fosco and bid them farewell. When he got to me, he seemed uneasy. I told him he could just shake my hand and go, he didn’t have to say anything, not like our relationship was very good. At that moment, he took me in his arms, hugged me, and told me to be safe. At first I was stunned by this sudden display. He quickly embarked on his ship and left afterwards. However, something crossed my mind… He’s an El-Mhuri, adventurer, he has some kind of amnesia…maybe he could be…

Pazuzu: No Zain, he isn’t. That man died long ago and you know it. Don’t hope for him to come back because he won’t. Even though there are no proofs of his death, don’t you think that if he had a ship, he would’ve come back for you?

Enters Fosco and Kaelach

Zain: I… Guess you’re right Pazuzu. But if he really is him, what am I gonna do?

Pazuzu: But hope won’t bring back the dead. Listen Zain, you’ve been hurt enough from losing your father once, I don’t want you to feel the same from losing a man who isn’t your dad.

Zain: I should’ve asked him before he left, but I didn’t have the courage…Anyway, we were able to access the city after we climbed the mountain. The city was incredible, build vertically in such a way that only birds could travel in it. They had all sort of birds, breeds I had never seen before. There was even a giant one, but it had blue feather on it’s torso which is usually more characteristic of the western birds, though it clearly came from the southernmost regions since it had…

Fosco: ahem… Hope I don’t interrupt you Zain. Me and Kaelach were just… passing by?

Zain: Oh eh, it’s not what you think! I’m not talking alone; I was just talking with Pazuzu!

Fosco: Yes sure, you were having a discussion with your bird. You know, one time, when I was really drunk, I had this crazy discussion with a lamppost too, but maybe you should stop taking absinth kid.

Kaelach: Play nice boys! Fosco, don’t laugh at Zain. It is characteristic of lonely people to talk to animals or inanimate objects.

Zain: No but he understands me I swear!

Kaelach: We all understand you Zain, we’re all a bit lonely inside.

Zain: That’s not what I meant..!

Fosco: When I feel lonely, I talk with cute ladies, bring them back home and…

Kaelach: No whores!

Fosco: I don’t even need to pay…

Zain: Ugh, enough you two! Could I have some peace and quiet, I was having an intelligent discussion before you arrived.

Kaelach: Alright, we will let you alone. But we are there for you if you ever need. Come Fosco.

Kaelach and Fosco leave

Zain: No but guys, I’m not insane…

Pazuzu: Don’t worry about them; just carry on with your story. I think we were getting on the interesting part.

Zain: Yes, so we had an appointment with the king, though he wouldn’t let us have birds since behemoths started attacking the village more and more. Just to prove his point, 3 behemoths were sighted, and the troops were sent out. We all decided to follow to help. I went on the frontline on a warhawk. Fosco stayed behind to lead the defenses and the ballista while Kaelach took care of evacuating the city. I was able to maneuver above the giant Killbat behemoth, so when I was high enough, I droped down the bird to jump on the bat.

Pazuzu: Do you have a death wish Zain? I mean, first you want to be shot at with a giant ballista and then that.

Zain: I call that dedication. Anyway, in my fall I revealed the package they had made me, the weapon against my foe. I didn’t know what it would be, but I needed something right about now. Honestly, it wasn’t what I hoped for. I was thinking that a sword would do well to slash its wing and send it falling down. A pair of boots though… well I went with the flow. I put them on and jumped on its wing to throw it off balance. It’s around that moment I called you out.

Pazuzu: You really do have a death wish. You’re lucky that the isles weren’t too far and that I had the time to make it BEFORE you got crushed on the ground. At least your friend Fosco didn’t try to kill himself with freefalls. I’ll give you that though, you fought valiantly. Your friends impressed me as well. Fosco was fierce against that giant ape thing. Kaelach showed great courage as well by venturing in the ape’s head. You sure know how to make good friends. The three of you really taught the behemoth who was the boss around here. Let’s not forget the seers either; they were more than useful with the ballista and all that oil dropping.

Zain: You’re right, I shouldn’t take all the glory, everyone put themselves to the task and it’s why we’ve succeeded. Maybe Fosco could’ve done more than just groom the ape though.

Pazuzu: What is with you and Fosco? Every time you talk about him, you do a little comment like that. From what I have seen of him, he’s a great person.

Zain: He’s… ugh… He’s so strong, determined, free spirited! He’s so better than me at everything it’s annoying… He is everything I ever hoped to be and it’s so natural to him!

Pazuzu: So you hate him for that? It’s not exactly a valid excuse, you should talk to him.

Zain: He’ll just laugh and say I am right to be jealous anyway… And we don’t have time to get touchy feely either…

Pazuzu: You would’ve had the time after the battle, after the king told you to go see the man at the peak of the mountain.

Zain: You’re not my mom, you’re my steed Pazuzu!

Pazuzu: I’m not but sometime I feel like I should be. Really Zain, you should grow up a bit.

Zain: I am an adult!

Fosco: No, you’re not!

Zain: Bwah! Since when have you been listening!?

Fosco: Who knows?

Zain: I’ll kill you!

Kaelach: Boys, play nice!

Zain: What, you were there too?!

"I demand permission to the Unconquered Sun"

Gulp, gulp, gulp

That’s just what I I said Derrick. The sailing part went well just… Aw shit, all outta wine.

-Aw damned pal, can’t I be for more than a day in a place without it running outta wine?!

-No. That’s kinda why… why you’re my buddy. My drinking buddy. My sailing buddy to. The other two couldn’t tell the difference between starboard and port even if I told them!

-Heh, heh, heh. They were helpful though during our trip.

-Yeah. You and I rocked the calm winds and all, but I think we would’ve just crashed when we arrived in the storm. You remember? Big dark clouds forming up above us and suddenly, the wall of rain hitting us. Us four running left and right, jumping on the deck from station to station, manning a thirty man ship. We did good job for quite a while. Up and until those… things showed up. If those weren’t Behemoths, I don’t know what is. Heck, even the Wine might be. We really thought we lost you after the crash, but you turned out to be tough as nails.

-Don’t scare me like that boy! Behemoth wine?! But after the crash and before I rescued you from that burrowing weapon of yours, what did you do?

-Bah, walking. Mostly in plains, eventually in some sort of boring desert. Not much… until that burrowing machine came out of the ground. Gobbled Kaelach and Zain instantly. I stabbed it with my sword, but it broke it off. Still, I ripped something out, so I assume it didn’t do it any good. They did make it out of the creature, though wounded and bruised. We ran. Each in their own direction. In the middle of a crater, where the creature was attacking us, there was a crashed… something. Like a high tech airship. Stuck in the airship was a big ass fiery sword, that you saw.

-Can’t really miss it.

-Still. I dashed for the ship. Thinking “heck, if we came here to get weapons, maybe we’ll be able to use those weapons against the Burrower!” Turns out I was kinda wrong. The heat in there was intense. Not spontaneous-combustion intense but taking-a-stroll-in-the-desert intense. I looked around on my own, without finding anyting, then my friends arrived to help. We found a hatch to the engineering bay in which was some thingamajig, which we managed to get working. It was a talking machine, a bit like something we have back home.

-Whoa, whoa, whoa. Talkin’ machine? Ya pulling me leg son?

-I shit you not. We talked a bit with it. Turns out it held some of the crew logs. The rest required a password. Not that it matters anymore, but hey. We found a secret hatch but could not open it. After trying some things, Kaelach managed to move the big sword by moving it down in the ground, melting part of the hatch because of the heat. Important thing is: we managed to open the damned thing… with the exception of a minor setback.

While trying, without much success, I got frustrated and did a prayer to the Sun. The Almighty or whatever. I prayed to him, showing my worth by saying that I am not afraid of him, challenging him. I thought: If he’s so cool, he’ll appreciate cool. He didn’t. Long period of silence during which I puched the sword. It was somewhat made of metal, but I managed to break off a small chunk of it. After some time, I got a reply. In reply to my prayer, I got these burn marks… I didn’t appreciate the moment let’s say…

I woke up later in the engineering bay, still cool. They guys managed to open the hatch and grab what was inside. You arrived shortly after on your new and… improved… ship and took us in this underground city. That’s mostly it.

-If I had a life like yours, I’d need to be drunker.

-Drink more?

-Drunker, the Derringer knows what he says pal! Now fetch me more wine!

[Enters Zain]

-Fosco, Derrick, don’t you think you should drink less? That and talk less loudly, we can hear you from afar.

-Hey, Zain. I’m bonding, telling him our tale of… burning swords and absence of loot. Plus, I’m hurt and Derrick had some wine left. Who do you think I am?

-Hey, you can walk straight kiddo, why don’t you go fetch us some wine?

Take off
"Never Again."

-Hey there kiddo, ya look like ye got somethin’ on yer mind.

-uh? N-no don’t worry, I’m alright.

-There ain’t no “I’m alright” ye can say. The derringer can read yer mind. Shut up and talk already. I need a crew that can look in the horizon, not down on the deck! What’s happened to ya kiddo?

-Well, you see, Kaelach, Fosco and I have been traveling together for a little while now. A little over a month ago something… bad… happened to the village we were staying in. At first I just couldn’t face the villagers, or either Fosco and Kaelach for that matter, so I ran away. Eventually, Fosco came to get me back, we talked a bit and he convinced me to come back with them, saying he needed me by his side. I followed, but I feel like there are still so much I would have to say to him…

-Ye should always say watcha think boy, that’s how real men behave!

Yes, I know, it’s just much easier to say than to apply. Anyway, we got back to the new encampment. Kaelach was really affected by all this. I didn’t hear him say a word in a long time. When the night fell, the guardian, Okomba –I believe you know him, came to see us. He told us that if we wanted to have our vengeance, we needed to come to you to go at the “center” and get “what we needed”. Weapons, most likely, because the one we want to exert our vengeance on isn’t all that ordinary.

-O’ course he’d tell you to come an’ see me, ‘am the best sailor out there. So what did ya do?

-On the next morning, we set out to come at Skullbay. The journey was long. A whole month of walking, and Fosco got us lost. At least, Kaelach knew where he was going, though he did not open the mouth one single time. I was worried for him, but no matter what I would say or do, he wouldn’t talk. Fosco tried as well, it was just more… crude and not any more successful. After the month of travel, we were finaly close to Skullbay, but it wasn’t the end of it. While we arrived at the gorge overlooking the city, we found old “friends” of ours. You’ve seen them too, you know, these black assassins that overran the city earlier? Them. They wanted us to see their master. At first we thought it wouldn’t be so bad to avoid a fight. Though, they told us who their master was and we immediately had a burning desire NOT to go. They brought us to a cliff, with a dark portal over the crashing waves. So well, of course we didn’t want to jump off a cliff. They tried to push me, but I retaliated. No way in hell some black weirdos would kill me like that. The black weirdos saw it as an offense and decided to attack. There were too many of them, and on the side of a cliff, there was no way I could dodge.

-So did ye die there? I guess not though cause yer hella talkative fer a dead man! Now ye talking, things’re getting spicy.

-No of course I didn’t die there, and I should thank Kaelach for that. He jumped in front of me to take the hit in my place. Though there was a lot of noise, I still heard him say two words: “Never again”. At that moment, I knew he was back with us and it eased a burden I felt. So I jumped in the melee and together we fought them. We did well, but at some point more and more were pouring out of the portal. We ran away to hide since we couldn’t beat so many. We went to Skullbay thinking we would be safe. Kaelach did an arm wrestling contest with a buffalo man and won, earning us a bit of money and leading us to you. I believe you know the rest of the story.

-After that, those damned patron had no more booze, right? What kinda place has no more booze anyway! Can’t say it was nice o’ ye to throw me in the water like ye did, but hey, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. After that there was that big ass army of girl-dude-whatevers in black right? I know how that ends, but damn, how did ye outrun a fuckin’ army in that stupid town?

-At first we tried to fight, but there was only so much we could do with three of us. I jumped in the bunch of them to distract them, Fosco somehow used a bow to attack them and Kaelach was casually swinging stands in their faces. Since they just kept on coming back, we started running. I lost them by hiding in a teahouse after quickly putting a drape on. I can’t say for the others, but my little finger tells me Kaelach went through the sewers. After I knocked one of the black widow assassins I stole his cape and ran to your ship. While I ran, Kaelach, in the sewers, grabbed my legs and pulled me down with him, probably thinking I was one of them. He quickly realized it was me and gave me a lift to the ship where Fosco was waiting. Luckily he was there to help us getting on board.

-I wouldn’t have gone without ya, yer my partners now.

-Well, your flying ship was sort of out of reach if not for Fosco. Anyway we made it, that’s what matters.

-Feelin’ better now? That’s a whole bunch of crazy story ye got kid. ‘not gonna be boring around y’all.

-I do feel better, thank you Derrick. I guess I just needed to talk it out a bit. I was a bit mad at both of them because of what happened, but looking back, really I should thank them.

-Hoy boy, don’t get no touchy feely here. I’m a ship cap’n, not a therapipe. There ain’t no place for more salt water on that ship so no tears allowed, understood?

-Yes sir!

-Now go get ol’ Derringer some goddamn wine would ya?

-I don’t think it’s the good time to drink, you’re steering the wheel.

-I dun’ think it’s the right time to ask questions ‘cause I might stop steering the wheel if I lack fuel.

-Aye aye captain…

Bad Omen
"Three strikes, you're out."

-Magister Fosco Del Maestro, S Class, detected.

-Shut up Defend.

-Would you like to review the crew logs?

-… Go for it.

-Playing last entry by Magister Kaelach Lochain, S Class.


-End of log entry. It’s been 12 days since last log entry. Would you like to create a new log entry?

-Yeah. Sure, why not.

-Recording mode activated. Please state your log entry.

Where to start… Maybe before everything got fucked up. We had been pushed aside by the Village to wait for our supposed affliction of “Sun Plague” to pass. We didn’t blow up, obviously, so in the meantime we busied ourselves getting accustomed to that new life we had. Zain explored, Kaelach rested and I fought imaginary foes and beasts with that sword I got, keeping my old habits, even though my fist and feet were probably more dangerous than my sword with all the glowing I did recently.

Elder Cree came to see us at the camp, giving us yet another task to finally be part of the Tribe. I was beginning to wonder how many it would take to finally be accepted, even though they never did us any wrong (besides cutting my arm, but I sorta asked for it. Plus they gave me my right arm back in the process, so in the end, I can’t really complain…)

We had to gather some flowers in a forest up north, then head back towards a cliff to meet with some sort of sage. So we gathered our things and headed for the forest. We crossed path with somebody who claimed to be the Guardian, I didn’t question anything too much but Kaelach followed him while Zain and I continued towards the forest to get the flowers, which was quite easy to do actually.

We then headed back towards the Village and headed for the Sage’s hideout, carrying our precious yellow flowers. Arriving at the cliff, we climbed down, Kaelach carrying me on his shoulders. Expecting a hut, we found a slab barring the doorway. Surrounding it, symbols, none of which made any sense to us. We knew the flowers were supposed to be an offering, but all our attempts at moving the slab were pointless. We put the flowers to the ground, as an offering, but nothing happened.

But then, I thought that an offering had to undergo some sort of process to be accepted by the receiver. Looking around, we found a brasero hidden in the ground. We put our flowers in and set fire to the lot. There was a huge fireball and thick grey smoke filled the little cranny in which we were standing, but luckily, nothing else happened. The slab moved slightly, leaving enough grip for Kaelach to move the huge rock.

Inside, we met the Sage, an old man who has probably been living in here for aeons. He could barely talk, was deaf and blind, but kind and smooth. He gave us water and we helped him prepare some sort of mixture with various herbs and the flowers we burnt earlier. A thick blue smoke rose from there and symbols flashed before our eyes, scenes being drawn and displayed by the fumes. But not hallucinations, the smoke shaped itself to display the scenes. It was amazing. But one detail caught our attention. A pyramid.

We told the sage what we saw and he drew a map, highlighting the pyramid. We knew our next step, but there was one last thing to do. In the cauldron from which the fumes came out, there was a silvery liquid. We dunk our fingers in the liquid (damned was it hot!) and engraved our names on the stone surrounding the slab. This was a ledger of all the members of the tribe.

We went back to the village and were greeted with a festival. One heck of a party. It was happy, it was light. People were drunk but not sick (except that one guy…) and we all had great fun. I did a few drinking contests with the locals and aced them all, then Kaelach came and ridiculously beated me at it. Still, I had fun and got drunk with people whom I appreciate and who appreciate me in return. It really felt good being welcome among the tribe, being appreciated for who we are and what we are.

The next morning, we headed towards the pyramid. We borrowed two boats from the village and Zain and I build an improvised Catamaran, so that it wouldn’t sink with Kaelach sitting in it. We headed towards the pyramid, taking a rest after a full day of rowing. We didn’t have much left to do but we decided to pitch out tents and rest.

Sadly, we were (once again) disturbed by Omen who thought it would be a good idea to interrupt us and ask us, once again, to be friends in exchange for our cooperation. He gave us some instructions as to how to get in the pyramid, we thanked him but did not want to talk more before talking between us. We thus agreed to meet again and made him promise no Behemoth would be close to disturb us, to which he agreed.

We headed for the pyramid the next day, which was fairly easy to reach. Heading for the entry, we saw that the ground was littered with metallic parts similar to you Defend. (Look at me, talking to a tin man.) None were working, most were rusted beyond repair, but they were there. I’m sure there is a link between that pyramid’s fate and the “caverns of steel”, but with a lack of proof, I’ll just continue my tale.

We were soon disturbed by lizardmen who attacked us, but were quick to flee when they realized that we were badass. They quickly hid underground and left us inside the pyramid. We looked at the hieroglyphs and pictures engraved in the rock, trying to make sense out of the scenes depicted there. Many questions and little answers sadly. We saw the sun setting and decided it would be safer to head out and set camp a little away from where lizardmen may be lurking.

The next day, we went to meet with Omen, merely out of respect for our word. It was a short trip to the meeting point and he appeared out of thin air, as he always did up to now. We began to talk about our respective goals and he finally told us why he wanted to be friends with us: to have us as minions. Oh, he may have said “Oh but it’s a harsh term, I used minions but it doesn’t say it all!” It was too late. Kaelach was angry, and so was I. Kaelach was just more expressive about it and came down to threats.

Long pause

It’s then that Omen dropped the mask. We said no again, we wronged him, and he wanted to show us just how pissed he was. He pointed west, towards the village, and we saw smoke. He was right, no behemoths were at our meeting, but there was one at Rakanaton. It took us a few seconds to realize what was actually happening before we ran, once again drunk on adrenaline.

It was a full day of boating before we reached the pyramid and, honestly, I don’t know how fast we travelled. All I know is that by the time we arrived, I was spent, I didn’t have anything left in my body, but we were too late. All that was left of Rakanaton were smothered ruins. We saw Elder Cree’s hut, Kaelach rushed inside. I stayed out and waited it out. The hut crumbled and the only thing still standing was the giant amidst the wooden rubble.

I… I fell to my knees. I sat down. I did not say anything, all my might focused on staying strong for the village. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t cry, but I couldn’t stand. I’ve been wronged again. Confidence had built up but now it was smothered, ruined by the embers of the village. I just sat there, looking at the rubble, sobbing amongst the toppled trees. I must’ve stayed there for hours, just thinking about what happened and why. What I could’ve done.

A light rain started to fall, putting out the embers and washing out the ashes and dust littering the ground and ruins. And I just kept on sitting there, letting the sky cry in my stead, the clouds delivering all the tears I was unable to let out, out of spite and pride.

Once the rain stopped falling people started coming out and each of us had a little moment. I, for my part, stood up. I had grieved Cree and the village, I’m still doing so as we speak, but grief will not stop me from doing what I had set on doing. There’s only a slight change of plan…

I brought some villagers with me, all those who wanted to follow, here, at the Caverns of Steel. I introduced them to you as guests of honor in the hopes to settle a new village, a new home for all those grieving men and women. Kaelach followed but I didn’t hear his voice in days now. Zain wussed out and ran away. I tried catching him, but he lost me in the woods. I’ll send search parties and I’ll go looking for him myself.

I’ll have to have a chat with Kaelach, try to get him back on my side of the fence, try to distance him from his grief, try to convince to do as me. The Councilor was at the top of my kill-list, but suddenly he isn’t anymore. No, in his place is Omen, spoiled child who threw a murderous tantrum because he could not have his glowy boy-toys. We did nothing but choose and he murdered a village because of that. I think we could not have made a better choice, what kind of guardian would sell his soul to the Fae for a meager bit of power. I fear that instead of using a behemoth to slaughter the village, he would’ve used us. And I’m pretty sure of the option I prefer.

I’ll have to speak with Kaelach and Zain, try to get them back on track. In the last days, I’ve been leading the efforts of building back what we lost, try to stockpile some food and all. But all I know is how to give orders. I’m no dictator, but what those people need is a role model, and that’s the opposite of who I am.

I need those two dimwits…

The Fall.
It all began with a little push...

-Entry #…. Unknown. S+ Class Magister Kaelach’s log.

-So how does it work. I just speak like that?


-But you’re not writing anything.

-Unnecessary. ‘’ But you’re not writing anything.’’

-WHOA! That was me inside your voice! Did you just steal part of my soul?


-How did you do that then?

-Enable projection of recording device # A963-Nk3V

-Okok! Quit that. I still don’t get it but I believe you…. So the people who you used to work for used to do that?

-Affirmative. It was part of the protocol.

-Can you show me some of their voices?

-…. Negative. Cannot access archives.

-Ok then… So here goes… My name is Kaelach Lochain. I grew up mostly on the isle of Gaelach, one of the six nation-isles. It was all well and good until I got to Guang Dong. My tribe chef told me to come because he wanted to show me off to the leaders of the other isles. See, I’m abnormally strong and tall… I guess he tought it’d be a sign of strength to them… Anyway. The diplomatic meetings were about a seventh isle, from the north, that was to come down here and attack us to enslave us. The idea was to form some sort of alliance to be able to push them back. Wasn’t really working. But then what do I know? The meeting was to last 7 days and I only stayed there for one. During that day, I met Zain, Fosco and the Councillor. He told us three he had a mission for the three of us that night at midnight. We were all curious so we went, of course. We absolutely had no idea that he was going to stab us in the back like he did. But… Knowing what happened next I think I still would have gone…

Once we got to the meeting point, the only thing we found was the dead body of the empress. Before we could do anything, the guards were upon us. None of us resisted, of course. We were as shocked as the rest of them. For the rest of that night, we were tortured and questioned. Well.. I can’t really tell for the others. I know I was. We didn’t really get any sort of trial. I guess regicide is too big of a crime to be taken objectively. And the Councillor probably was working behind the scenes for us to be sentenced to death like we were. Anyway, with the first light of dawn, we were on the edge of the isle and promptly pushed down. I don’t know for how long we fell but it seemed like an eternity.

I woke up when I heard a voice calling me. Fosco, one of the two that fell with me was calling out in pain. Not far from us, Zain, was slowly coming to in a little pond. Both had broken limbs and were in bad need for help. I figured we needed to stick together. After all, we were all alone and we would need to stick together to survive.

Taking Fosco on my back and Zain in my arms, I started walking. We started seeing people showing us a way saying : Roko.

Having no idea what Roko was, we started following the path they’d show us, until we heard a voice. The voice told us how we were dead and how we were going to get killed. And that’s when we saw the behemoth.

I still don’t get how we didn’t see it beforehand. It was enormous. Destroying gigantic trees with a single swipe of its paw.

I’m not ashamed to say that I ran. I ran as fast as I possibly could and we still couldn’t distance the beast. Fortunately, the same men who pointed me in the direction of the monster pointed me back in another direction. Having nowhere else to go, I followed their direction. Eventually, the monster was stopped and we got to the Rakanaton village.
For the first time, we were… Received. The elder of the village allowed us to stay for a week where the Fosco and Zain could be healed and I would work. During that week, I spent most mornings learning their language and during the afternoon, I would do all kinds of work to help the tribe. Woodcutting, hunting, gathering food and even building treehouses. Never in that time was I remotely considered part of their group, but I could see they enjoyed my help.

After the week was over, the elder asked to leave. Fosco had lost an arm but all his other limbs and Zain’s leg had healed. He did tell us, though, that we could face a trial to win our place among the tribe. By getting to the cobweb throne, we would be given a challenge. If we won this challenge, we could stay. If we failed, well… We’d be dead anyway.
So we left towards the throne. The way was mostly without incidents. Except for one meeting with Omen. He was the voice who told us we were dead. He eventually explained that he didn’t mean for us to die and that he was only doing his role that was to stir behemoths. He also said he wanted to warn us and that the only thing waiting for us at the cobweb throne was to be eaten by a big spider. We were unsure whether we should believe him or not. But it didn’t stop us from going to the throne.

Once we got there, we were greeted by… A man? A spider? A bit of both? Whatever it was, it didn’t seemed surprised to see us. It asked us to make a promise. A promise to fight the wyld, to stand for ideals… To become heroes. We all agreed. At the same time, we could feel Omen getting angry. The man-spider gave us each an egg to bring to the caves of steel. There, the spider told us we could find what we needed to hold our promise.

Soon after, we left. Nothing much happened during that leg of our journey. When we got to the caves, we only could explore for a bit before you attacked us. I don’t really remember what happened next… Only that we woke up glowing. We tought it was the sunplague… But evidently not, since we’re still alive…

We were… Changed. Stronger. Better in almost every way. Nothing could stop us. Not even the black widow assassins that were waiting for us outside the caves. After a brief discussion, they decided to let us run. For their enjoyment they said. That showed them I guess. We started running. But we were reaching speeds that we could never have dreamt of before. Soon enough, we made up a plan to lead them to the behemoth. But, as soon as we lost them and started hearing their cries, we knew we couldn’t just let them die. We swore to protect, to defend. To be heroes. So we went back to save them.

From then to now, it was fairly straightforward. The assassins left without even a thank you and we went back to the village. They said we were real members of the village now. But that in order to keep the village safe, we should spend a few days farther in the woods. Kust in case it actually was sunplague.

We found a small hunting cabin and… That’s pretty much it! It’s actually quite a lot. But yeah, I guess I’m done.

-In order to stop the recording, the proper phrase is required.

-err… Stop?




-Well I…

-Kaelach! Are you comming?

-Yeah, I’m through…. Too bad. I’m out.

-Proper activation recieved. End of Log number… Unknown.

Act 0

The retribution was a time of change for humanity, of Chaos brought about by great upheavals in the ways of the world. But over time, stability returned to Creation, or rather a new equilibrium emerged. The Three Kingdoms fight for God and honor, but never score lasting victories. The traders trade, the raiders raid, and the sun rises even for those who don’t worship it.

But recently, things have been… different. Palaces are filled with whispered rumors of the pessimist sort, and kings are listening closely. The air is tense, like a rubber band about to break. Superstition dictates that the time of Joining, when all the Roaming Isles cross paths over the Blessed Isle within a short span of time, is a time of misfortune and danger. But is it just superstition, or does this tradition perhaps conceal a grain of truth?

For the first time in a hundred years, a council of the Six Isles has been called. Bad blood and rumors of assassinations prevent the rulers from all meeting each other personally, but the issue appears to be of enough importance that large diplomatic delegations are being formed to accompany the chosen diplomats.

And you, though of low position, have been chosen to join this delegation. Let’s just hope your skills come in handy… Whatever they are.

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