The World Above

The Fall.
It all began with a little push...

-Entry #…. Unknown. S+ Class Magister Kaelach’s log.

-So how does it work. I just speak like that?


-But you’re not writing anything.

-Unnecessary. ‘’ But you’re not writing anything.’’

-WHOA! That was me inside your voice! Did you just steal part of my soul?


-How did you do that then?

-Enable projection of recording device # A963-Nk3V

-Okok! Quit that. I still don’t get it but I believe you…. So the people who you used to work for used to do that?

-Affirmative. It was part of the protocol.

-Can you show me some of their voices?

-…. Negative. Cannot access archives.

-Ok then… So here goes… My name is Kaelach Lochain. I grew up mostly on the isle of Gaelach, one of the six nation-isles. It was all well and good until I got to Guang Dong. My tribe chef told me to come because he wanted to show me off to the leaders of the other isles. See, I’m abnormally strong and tall… I guess he tought it’d be a sign of strength to them… Anyway. The diplomatic meetings were about a seventh isle, from the north, that was to come down here and attack us to enslave us. The idea was to form some sort of alliance to be able to push them back. Wasn’t really working. But then what do I know? The meeting was to last 7 days and I only stayed there for one. During that day, I met Zain, Fosco and the Councillor. He told us three he had a mission for the three of us that night at midnight. We were all curious so we went, of course. We absolutely had no idea that he was going to stab us in the back like he did. But… Knowing what happened next I think I still would have gone…

Once we got to the meeting point, the only thing we found was the dead body of the empress. Before we could do anything, the guards were upon us. None of us resisted, of course. We were as shocked as the rest of them. For the rest of that night, we were tortured and questioned. Well.. I can’t really tell for the others. I know I was. We didn’t really get any sort of trial. I guess regicide is too big of a crime to be taken objectively. And the Councillor probably was working behind the scenes for us to be sentenced to death like we were. Anyway, with the first light of dawn, we were on the edge of the isle and promptly pushed down. I don’t know for how long we fell but it seemed like an eternity.

I woke up when I heard a voice calling me. Fosco, one of the two that fell with me was calling out in pain. Not far from us, Zain, was slowly coming to in a little pond. Both had broken limbs and were in bad need for help. I figured we needed to stick together. After all, we were all alone and we would need to stick together to survive.

Taking Fosco on my back and Zain in my arms, I started walking. We started seeing people showing us a way saying : Roko.

Having no idea what Roko was, we started following the path they’d show us, until we heard a voice. The voice told us how we were dead and how we were going to get killed. And that’s when we saw the behemoth.

I still don’t get how we didn’t see it beforehand. It was enormous. Destroying gigantic trees with a single swipe of its paw.

I’m not ashamed to say that I ran. I ran as fast as I possibly could and we still couldn’t distance the beast. Fortunately, the same men who pointed me in the direction of the monster pointed me back in another direction. Having nowhere else to go, I followed their direction. Eventually, the monster was stopped and we got to the Rakanaton village.
For the first time, we were… Received. The elder of the village allowed us to stay for a week where the Fosco and Zain could be healed and I would work. During that week, I spent most mornings learning their language and during the afternoon, I would do all kinds of work to help the tribe. Woodcutting, hunting, gathering food and even building treehouses. Never in that time was I remotely considered part of their group, but I could see they enjoyed my help.

After the week was over, the elder asked to leave. Fosco had lost an arm but all his other limbs and Zain’s leg had healed. He did tell us, though, that we could face a trial to win our place among the tribe. By getting to the cobweb throne, we would be given a challenge. If we won this challenge, we could stay. If we failed, well… We’d be dead anyway.
So we left towards the throne. The way was mostly without incidents. Except for one meeting with Omen. He was the voice who told us we were dead. He eventually explained that he didn’t mean for us to die and that he was only doing his role that was to stir behemoths. He also said he wanted to warn us and that the only thing waiting for us at the cobweb throne was to be eaten by a big spider. We were unsure whether we should believe him or not. But it didn’t stop us from going to the throne.

Once we got there, we were greeted by… A man? A spider? A bit of both? Whatever it was, it didn’t seemed surprised to see us. It asked us to make a promise. A promise to fight the wyld, to stand for ideals… To become heroes. We all agreed. At the same time, we could feel Omen getting angry. The man-spider gave us each an egg to bring to the caves of steel. There, the spider told us we could find what we needed to hold our promise.

Soon after, we left. Nothing much happened during that leg of our journey. When we got to the caves, we only could explore for a bit before you attacked us. I don’t really remember what happened next… Only that we woke up glowing. We tought it was the sunplague… But evidently not, since we’re still alive…

We were… Changed. Stronger. Better in almost every way. Nothing could stop us. Not even the black widow assassins that were waiting for us outside the caves. After a brief discussion, they decided to let us run. For their enjoyment they said. That showed them I guess. We started running. But we were reaching speeds that we could never have dreamt of before. Soon enough, we made up a plan to lead them to the behemoth. But, as soon as we lost them and started hearing their cries, we knew we couldn’t just let them die. We swore to protect, to defend. To be heroes. So we went back to save them.

From then to now, it was fairly straightforward. The assassins left without even a thank you and we went back to the village. They said we were real members of the village now. But that in order to keep the village safe, we should spend a few days farther in the woods. Kust in case it actually was sunplague.

We found a small hunting cabin and… That’s pretty much it! It’s actually quite a lot. But yeah, I guess I’m done.

-In order to stop the recording, the proper phrase is required.

-err… Stop?




-Well I…

-Kaelach! Are you comming?

-Yeah, I’m through…. Too bad. I’m out.

-Proper activation recieved. End of Log number… Unknown.

Act 0

The retribution was a time of change for humanity, of Chaos brought about by great upheavals in the ways of the world. But over time, stability returned to Creation, or rather a new equilibrium emerged. The Three Kingdoms fight for God and honor, but never score lasting victories. The traders trade, the raiders raid, and the sun rises even for those who don’t worship it.

But recently, things have been… different. Palaces are filled with whispered rumors of the pessimist sort, and kings are listening closely. The air is tense, like a rubber band about to break. Superstition dictates that the time of Joining, when all the Roaming Isles cross paths over the Blessed Isle within a short span of time, is a time of misfortune and danger. But is it just superstition, or does this tradition perhaps conceal a grain of truth?

For the first time in a hundred years, a council of the Six Isles has been called. Bad blood and rumors of assassinations prevent the rulers from all meeting each other personally, but the issue appears to be of enough importance that large diplomatic delegations are being formed to accompany the chosen diplomats.

And you, though of low position, have been chosen to join this delegation. Let’s just hope your skills come in handy… Whatever they are.

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