Fosco Del Maestro

Revenge-seeking disgraced pirate


Tall Dark an Handsome is something of an understatement. The man embodies the taste of danger and risk. Lightly tanned skin shoulder-length dark hairs and dark eyes, charming smile and confident demeanor. He always keeps himself well groomed, well dressed, reflecting his noble heritage. He has a few small scars here and there from his encounters with danger and the well toned body of an adventurer.

In his fall from grace, he lost use of both his arms, but a witch doctor from the tribe the party encountered after landing fixed one of his arms at the cost of the other. He now has only one good arm.

As a consequence to his pride in insulting the Unconquered Sun, Fosco got severely burned on most of his body. His recovery was swift thanks to Mountainfolk medicine and alcohol, but the right side of his face and upper torso, as well as most of his right arm bear the scar of his hubris.


Son to Giorgio Del Mastro, diplomat from Giove, Fosco has gotten used to a certain lifestyle. An young man with ambitions, he used to spend most of his time on the docks of Giove, looking at the airships leaving to some great adventures and coming back with their bellies full of loot and resources. He had been brought up with few rules but the few rules he had were strict ones, shaping him into a reckless young man with a good heart, though buried deep under a massive ego.

Somewhat the black sheep of the family, he has always taken pleasure leaping around the rooftops of Giove or skipping from skyship to skyship, putting his life on the line for the next thrill. When not jumping everywhere, he gave in to hedonism enjoying life and his rich upbringing. He knows though that it will not last, as per Giovian culture. He appreciates what he has while he has it but will soon plan to make a name for himself, walk away from the family reputation.

He has been brought with the Giovian delegation by his father to show him the ropes of diplomacy and try to calm him down, show him how to take after him. Fosco has other plans, knowing fully well that such a high class meeting is sure to bring the best food and prettiest people around, and he sure intends to use this opportunity to put his teachings to good use, lay the foundation of his new goals.

Fosco Del Maestro

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