The true hero of the story


This is the tale of a man who the people of Tuxing took the habit of calling the Stardust Whisperer. His story is told as a bedtime story, as no real proof of his existence ever existed in the first place. It was a small man, a farmer with no pretention, though his fate would lead him far. The world was in need of a hero, since a mysterious seventh isle was approaching, ready for war. The fate of the Stardust Whisperer was uncertain, even for the Maidens and they took interest in him for that reason. He was just a simple mortal after all, but his pure heart contained power that the Maidens themselves could not understand, a fate that stretched beyond what they could see.

The maidens were in disarray as they all had separate plans for mankind. Saturn wished for the army of the north to come and change to course of mankind’s fate. Mars wanted to see heroes rise in the flames of war. Venus desired the people to stay at peace and live their life in devotion, has they always had. Mercury wanted the isles to continue their endless journey. Jupiter never said what she wanted to the others.

As the maiden fought over what needed to be done, the seventh isle approached ever closer. So, even though there was no consent, some maidens decided to act. Three maidens came to the Stardust Whisperer one night, asking him, begging him to act. Mercury, Venus and Mars came to him so that he could change the fate of the world and fight the evil that was looming over the world. To help him, they each gave the Stardust Whisperer a gift. The Maiden of War gave him an axe of impossible might that could slice the hardest rock and the softest petal with no effort. The Maiden of Journey gave him winged boots that would make him travel with ease, on heaven and earth. The Maiden of Serenity gave him a kiss and her blessing.

Immediately, equipped with the Maiden’s blessing, the Stardust Whisperer set out on his quest to the north to stop the impending doom. He flew as fast as possible to the northern most regions of the world in hope to find the mysterious isle. Days, passed, and there were no isles to be seen in the north. The Stardust Whisperer then felt an ominous feeling. The fate of the world was jeopardized. He hurried back at Tuxing, feeling the danger it was in. Sadly, even the swiftness of the Maiden of Journeys was not enough. When he arrived, there was nothing left in the sky. The attacks of the northern isle destroyed everything. The lands of exile had fallen. The Wyld lands were destroyed by the Fall of mankind from the sky. Everything the Stardust Whisperer had known was destroyed. Stood, in the middle of this carnage, an isle like none he had ever seen before. He was ready to battle his enemy, but what good was it now? There was no gain to make as everything was now ruins.

That night, the Maiden of Secrets appeared to him. She whispered in his ears unfathomable wisdom, a way to change the fate of what happened, to rewrite history itself. It is unknown why the Maiden of Secrets helped him, but she also gave him a bag a bag that contained either the salvation of mankind or its downfall. Swiftly, the Stardust Whisperer departed to Yu Shan. As he approached the loom of fate, gods and other deity tried to stop him, but the blessings of the Maidens were too much for them to handle. He pressed on deep inside the loom of fate, until he reached a secret place. The place the Maiden of Secrets told him of, the fate of ages past.
In front of him was one giant thread. It was the fate of creation itself, severed. The Maiden of Secrets appeared to him again and told him that this thread was either the downfall of mankind or its salvation. The Stardust Whisperer opened the bag she gave him and saw in it his own thread of fate. Unsure of what to do he used his own thread of fate. The Stardust Whisperer had to hurry himself as the threads of creation was slowly separating, vanishing. So he used his own thread of fate to tie back that of creation back together. His fate was small compared to that of the world. He did not save everyone nor did he prevent the war, but he prevented the destruction of the isles. The last thing he could see was the Maiden of Secrets smile at him then everything turned black. When the light came back, he was chained to the ground, surrounded by large chairs and desks. An audience was made to hear his plea from his crime. After all, he had changed not only fate, but history. Before him was a man of impossible might and prestige. The unconquered sun was standing in a high throne, ready to call his judgment on the poor man. Behind him was a woman, gracious and beautiful like no other, Luna. Sitting around the room were the five maidens. They debated over what should happen to him for hundreds of years.

At the end of his trial, a conclusion was made. As he had used his own thread of fate to save the world, he would disappear; vanish, from the surface of the world. Everything ever written, said or thought on him would disappear as well. In their great kindness though, the Incarnae decided that he should not die. Even if he defied the will of the gods themselves, the purity of his heart and his devotion for his kind inspired them. Thus, instead of death, they decided this: he would be sent down in the Wyld lands, in a shape that would shame him for eternity, would be allowed to follow the next saviors of mankind.

When the Stardust Whisperer woke up after that, he did not remember the great adventure he had lived. He stood in a corridor full of pigs and piglet like he was now. In front of them were a strange man, drunk and nude, and another one, kindly calming the pigs. Without knowing why, the Stardust Whisperer, now little more than a pig like so many others, felt the compulsion to follow the man in front of him, feeling that his fate was even greater than his own.


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