The World Above

Village of Beasts

If it looks like a duck it's probably NOT a duck

Zain and Djenna are sitting under a tree on the outskirt of the village

Zain: Well, all in all, it was a nice trip. Thank you Djenna, I really enjoyed it. I think the boys had a bit of a harder time following on the way there though.

Djenna: At least they did jump off that cliff. You were lame on that one.

Zain: Lame? That was the non suicidal way. I thought Fosco had his load of falling down impossible height but I guess I was mistaken. You know what was really lame though? Losing to Fosco and Kaelach in the boat race.

Djenna: Don’t get me started on that one, it was totally your fault. Anyway, what did you guys do once we got to the village? I kinda lost sight of you there.

Zain: We waited at the city square but there were no one – like you probably knew anyway -. When we realized that the tea was still hot, we thought something must have been odd. The animals were acting strange too. So we tried to find which animal was an animal and which one was something more. Things got out of hands and… you know the rest anyway.

Djenna: hahaha, yes, that’s the part were you got peed on by Juro! Ha! That joke never gets old!

Zain: Because they do this often? Peeing on people? A-anyway, at least they had the kindness to give me clean clothe. I couldn’t thank the shopkeeper enough for this. After that, the day was nice and quiet – For the others I mean-. Fosco got to chit chat with the elders. Funny thing, I thought he would get along better with the younger ones. Kaelach was hanging arround the tougher, younger people too. I think he wasn’t exactly feeling at his place either. They should’ve switched places. I played with the kids for the whole afternoon. It was fun, but your kind play harder than I could imagine. It stopped being funny when they attached me and said they were going to cook me. At least their parents stopped them!

Djenna: Well, they really did like you. I think you’re too meager for my taste. There wouldn’t be enough meat to eat.

Zain: I… I’ll just pretend I did NOT just hear that. Are your meeting with the guardians always that long? I mean, passing every single one of you with that many details felt… maybe unnecessary? Fosco and Kaelach did well talking about the seventh isle. I wouldn’t have tried to stand up in front of the elders myself like that. I mean, they told me to straighten up my back and to raise my head all day long. They’ve been on my back all the time I was there too. At least, after the first part of the meeting we went off to play some drinking games with Fosco. Kaelach did a noble sacrifice staying behind, but he should’ve left me there and went drinking with you…

Djenna: Why is that? You didn’t have fun? Pretty boy came after the second part of the meeting and drank with us anyway.

Zain: I know, it’s just that he’s always doing the hard and boring stuff. He should let us do some actual things every once in a while. Even here at Haven I don’t get to do much. Fosco does the paperwork, Kaelach does the muscle jobs and I kinda just fumble arround. Not that I mind having lots of free time, I think it’s unfair for them. That and well, he clearly has a thing for…

Djenna: Hard work. He totally has a thing for hard work. Always give his 110% doesn’t he? Zain, stop playing the poor little kid. Get out there and try to help them instead of talking about it. Alright, sweetheart?


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