The World Above

The Festival

The three companions were on top of the town hall, sharing a moment of peace like they hadn’t in a while now. A glass of beer in their hands, their silence was meaningful, quiet. The party for the shipment was on. The lights were bright, the children were playing and the parents were slowly gathering their kids to put them to bed so that the real party might begin. The fire was ready to be lit as well.

Zain: Hey guys, I’m not sure you realize this, but, all this is crazy isn’t it? I mean, a little over a year ago, we were total strangers, exiled from our homeland. We were little more than lost souls down here. Look at what we’ve done. A city, isn’t this insane? We gathered people from around creation for this. At first I thought this was all too crazy, but I guess that there are crazy enough people to follow this idea. Maybe it’s just me but, we’ve been through a lot in the last year haven’t we? We built this nice little haven and we still found time to get in crazy adventures! Anyway, on my end for sure. I’ve traveled for months just to find a few crystals and materials for… projects. I had to dive in deep waters with strange people. Apneans if I recall. They were really nice folk, but definitely, diving isn’t for me. I’m more a sky person.

Fosco: Projects? What kind of project would need crystals?

Zain: Nothing you would understand Fosco.

Kaelach: Boys, really? Let’s just enjoy our ale silently if we’re to talk like that.

Zain: Ok, ok, I’m sorry there Fosco. So what have you been up to Fosco? I’m certainly not the only one to do crazy stuff in my free time.

Fosco: Ha, yes, I’ve traveled quite a lot as well in the last few months. You see, I wanted to find something to fuel our ship more efficiently, so I went…

Kaelach: Boys, I see someone approaching the village in the distance.

Fosco: Probably somebody who wants to celebrate with us too! Who would want to miss a party like this, I wonder.

Zain: I’m not sure that’s the point though, we don’t know who it is. Someone making way in the wyld lands by foot must have ways to fend for himself.

Kaelach: We should go greet our new guests, let’s go.


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