The World Above

The dragon-king

Dragon-king: So, great deity, how did you find me?

Zain: We actually didn’t really look for you or anything. We needed some rest and just stumbled across. And, we’re not dei—…

long awkward stare

Zain: nevermind. In any case, we explored a bit and discovered these ruins.

Dragon-king: Fate brought us together so that you may test me!

Zain: Either that or because Kaelach just didn’t want to let go and kept searching the village. Whichever floats you boat I guess. You really should thank him for looking so long in the village because when we first made it there, it looked more than empty. Luckily he had this map and it looked like our position was a location of interest, so there must have had sonething interesting.

Dragon-king: My people were proud and strong once, like me!

Zain: I have no doubt about it. They were pretty ingenious as well because your “coffin” was pretty hard to access. Even I couldn’t repair it after all.

Dragon-king: Our contraption puzzled even the great king of divine machinery?

Zain: I’m no king of divine machinery, hold your horses there! I’d probably be more like the god of the friendzone. Anyway it’s not me that opened it. Kaelach opened it by force. There was nothing much left afterwards.

Dragon-king: Luckily you were aided by the mighty god of destruction!

Zain: Kaelach would be more like the god of… I don’t know, being too nice?

Dragon-king: Then, I emerged from my slumber to present myself to the Lord of the friendzone, the mighty of being too nice and the god of…?

Zain: I didn’t mean it on a litteral level…

Dragon-king: and the god of…?

Zain: the god of one armed people.

Dragong king: So, the Lord of friendzone, the mighty of being too nice and the one armed deity welcomed me back.

Zain: right after we kicked your ass because you were not entirely normal after your long sleep. Anyway, we were able to figure out how to use your technology. We should get moving now, if you want to acconplish your “test” we have for you.

Dragon-king: Yes Lord of the friendzone!

Zain: ok I was kidding with the names. We’re not gods now. Just Zain will be enough alright.


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