The World Above

The city of high winds

"I'm not affraid of heights!"

Zain: Oh, Pazuzu, I’m really glad you’re back with me! So much has happened since we were thrown off the islands. We’ve met new people, seen new places; I really wish you were there with me to see all of this. Where should I begin? I all started when we woke up, alive and “well” down below and met a man we would come to call Omen…


Zain: …So we were in Jadewisp for, say, one week, just enough for Fosco to recover from his “sunburns”. After that week, things started to move again. The people of Jadewisp started going to see Fosco, calling him “The survivor”. They wanted to touch him, get his blessing. I mean, he only BARELY survived, I wouldn’t pray to that. Anyway, later, Ancient brought us to “the seers”, two strange people. They were “no longer fae” according to them. In any case, they would help us mine the strange ore the sword was made out of. Derrick caused a ruckus with his wine, and, in a weird turn of event, I ended up riding an army of pigs…

Pazuzu: You were even drunker than he was, Zain.

Zain: Not even, I swear! At least I’ve made a friend. His name is Buck, Buck the piglet. Anyway so, we went at the MS Destroyer with the airship. We let Kaelach go first. I regretted this decision very fast, as the sword busted into flames. We barely avoided the blast, thanks to the seers and their powers. I hurried down there as fast as possible to find Kaelach badly burnt. He wasn’t as burnt as Fosco was, but still, it’s the kind of wound that takes a while to heal, except for Kaelach. I stayed down while the seers were mining the golden ore. When they were done with what they could, I let them climb up and when I grabbed on to the ladder, the winds changed. Omen appeared right next to me. He thanked us for what we had just done. I tried bashing him with a chunk of ore without much success, so I grabbed him, hoping Kaelach would fire the giant ballista on him while he couldn’t move.

Pazuzu: From the little I know about this man, I’m surprised you even tried to convince him to shoot at you like that Zain. And it was a crazy plan too.

Zain: It was a crazy plan, but hey, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do! Oh god, that sounded like Derrick…Anyhow, we went back to Jadewisp after Omen vanished on his own, where the seers crafted us tools to battle out foe. They still needed some time before being ready, so we had to wait until the proper time to use them. It wasn’t long before we sailed off from Jadewisp with the seers. They knew a way through the storm. Derrick was at the wheel, and the instructions of the seers were… Even for my standards… bad. 10 minutes to the right? What was that? What matters is that, we made it out safe and sound.

Pazuzu: Yes, I must admit that these instructions are clearly insufficient, but that old man Derrick clearly wasn’t sufficient either. Two negative make one positive, right?

Zain: Don’t say that about Derrick, he’s… good at what he does. He dropped us at the bottom of Mount Megatelapa. He said he wouldn’t go any higher, that it was too dangerous. We parted with him. He shook hands with Kaelach and Fosco and bid them farewell. When he got to me, he seemed uneasy. I told him he could just shake my hand and go, he didn’t have to say anything, not like our relationship was very good. At that moment, he took me in his arms, hugged me, and told me to be safe. At first I was stunned by this sudden display. He quickly embarked on his ship and left afterwards. However, something crossed my mind… He’s an El-Mhuri, adventurer, he has some kind of amnesia…maybe he could be…

Pazuzu: No Zain, he isn’t. That man died long ago and you know it. Don’t hope for him to come back because he won’t. Even though there are no proofs of his death, don’t you think that if he had a ship, he would’ve come back for you?

Enters Fosco and Kaelach

Zain: I… Guess you’re right Pazuzu. But if he really is him, what am I gonna do?

Pazuzu: But hope won’t bring back the dead. Listen Zain, you’ve been hurt enough from losing your father once, I don’t want you to feel the same from losing a man who isn’t your dad.

Zain: I should’ve asked him before he left, but I didn’t have the courage…Anyway, we were able to access the city after we climbed the mountain. The city was incredible, build vertically in such a way that only birds could travel in it. They had all sort of birds, breeds I had never seen before. There was even a giant one, but it had blue feather on it’s torso which is usually more characteristic of the western birds, though it clearly came from the southernmost regions since it had…

Fosco: ahem… Hope I don’t interrupt you Zain. Me and Kaelach were just… passing by?

Zain: Oh eh, it’s not what you think! I’m not talking alone; I was just talking with Pazuzu!

Fosco: Yes sure, you were having a discussion with your bird. You know, one time, when I was really drunk, I had this crazy discussion with a lamppost too, but maybe you should stop taking absinth kid.

Kaelach: Play nice boys! Fosco, don’t laugh at Zain. It is characteristic of lonely people to talk to animals or inanimate objects.

Zain: No but he understands me I swear!

Kaelach: We all understand you Zain, we’re all a bit lonely inside.

Zain: That’s not what I meant..!

Fosco: When I feel lonely, I talk with cute ladies, bring them back home and…

Kaelach: No whores!

Fosco: I don’t even need to pay…

Zain: Ugh, enough you two! Could I have some peace and quiet, I was having an intelligent discussion before you arrived.

Kaelach: Alright, we will let you alone. But we are there for you if you ever need. Come Fosco.

Kaelach and Fosco leave

Zain: No but guys, I’m not insane…

Pazuzu: Don’t worry about them; just carry on with your story. I think we were getting on the interesting part.

Zain: Yes, so we had an appointment with the king, though he wouldn’t let us have birds since behemoths started attacking the village more and more. Just to prove his point, 3 behemoths were sighted, and the troops were sent out. We all decided to follow to help. I went on the frontline on a warhawk. Fosco stayed behind to lead the defenses and the ballista while Kaelach took care of evacuating the city. I was able to maneuver above the giant Killbat behemoth, so when I was high enough, I droped down the bird to jump on the bat.

Pazuzu: Do you have a death wish Zain? I mean, first you want to be shot at with a giant ballista and then that.

Zain: I call that dedication. Anyway, in my fall I revealed the package they had made me, the weapon against my foe. I didn’t know what it would be, but I needed something right about now. Honestly, it wasn’t what I hoped for. I was thinking that a sword would do well to slash its wing and send it falling down. A pair of boots though… well I went with the flow. I put them on and jumped on its wing to throw it off balance. It’s around that moment I called you out.

Pazuzu: You really do have a death wish. You’re lucky that the isles weren’t too far and that I had the time to make it BEFORE you got crushed on the ground. At least your friend Fosco didn’t try to kill himself with freefalls. I’ll give you that though, you fought valiantly. Your friends impressed me as well. Fosco was fierce against that giant ape thing. Kaelach showed great courage as well by venturing in the ape’s head. You sure know how to make good friends. The three of you really taught the behemoth who was the boss around here. Let’s not forget the seers either; they were more than useful with the ballista and all that oil dropping.

Zain: You’re right, I shouldn’t take all the glory, everyone put themselves to the task and it’s why we’ve succeeded. Maybe Fosco could’ve done more than just groom the ape though.

Pazuzu: What is with you and Fosco? Every time you talk about him, you do a little comment like that. From what I have seen of him, he’s a great person.

Zain: He’s… ugh… He’s so strong, determined, free spirited! He’s so better than me at everything it’s annoying… He is everything I ever hoped to be and it’s so natural to him!

Pazuzu: So you hate him for that? It’s not exactly a valid excuse, you should talk to him.

Zain: He’ll just laugh and say I am right to be jealous anyway… And we don’t have time to get touchy feely either…

Pazuzu: You would’ve had the time after the battle, after the king told you to go see the man at the peak of the mountain.

Zain: You’re not my mom, you’re my steed Pazuzu!

Pazuzu: I’m not but sometime I feel like I should be. Really Zain, you should grow up a bit.

Zain: I am an adult!

Fosco: No, you’re not!

Zain: Bwah! Since when have you been listening!?

Fosco: Who knows?

Zain: I’ll kill you!

Kaelach: Boys, play nice!

Zain: What, you were there too?!


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