The World Above

Take off

"Never Again."

-Hey there kiddo, ya look like ye got somethin’ on yer mind.

-uh? N-no don’t worry, I’m alright.

-There ain’t no “I’m alright” ye can say. The derringer can read yer mind. Shut up and talk already. I need a crew that can look in the horizon, not down on the deck! What’s happened to ya kiddo?

-Well, you see, Kaelach, Fosco and I have been traveling together for a little while now. A little over a month ago something… bad… happened to the village we were staying in. At first I just couldn’t face the villagers, or either Fosco and Kaelach for that matter, so I ran away. Eventually, Fosco came to get me back, we talked a bit and he convinced me to come back with them, saying he needed me by his side. I followed, but I feel like there are still so much I would have to say to him…

-Ye should always say watcha think boy, that’s how real men behave!

Yes, I know, it’s just much easier to say than to apply. Anyway, we got back to the new encampment. Kaelach was really affected by all this. I didn’t hear him say a word in a long time. When the night fell, the guardian, Okomba –I believe you know him, came to see us. He told us that if we wanted to have our vengeance, we needed to come to you to go at the “center” and get “what we needed”. Weapons, most likely, because the one we want to exert our vengeance on isn’t all that ordinary.

-O’ course he’d tell you to come an’ see me, ‘am the best sailor out there. So what did ya do?

-On the next morning, we set out to come at Skullbay. The journey was long. A whole month of walking, and Fosco got us lost. At least, Kaelach knew where he was going, though he did not open the mouth one single time. I was worried for him, but no matter what I would say or do, he wouldn’t talk. Fosco tried as well, it was just more… crude and not any more successful. After the month of travel, we were finaly close to Skullbay, but it wasn’t the end of it. While we arrived at the gorge overlooking the city, we found old “friends” of ours. You’ve seen them too, you know, these black assassins that overran the city earlier? Them. They wanted us to see their master. At first we thought it wouldn’t be so bad to avoid a fight. Though, they told us who their master was and we immediately had a burning desire NOT to go. They brought us to a cliff, with a dark portal over the crashing waves. So well, of course we didn’t want to jump off a cliff. They tried to push me, but I retaliated. No way in hell some black weirdos would kill me like that. The black weirdos saw it as an offense and decided to attack. There were too many of them, and on the side of a cliff, there was no way I could dodge.

-So did ye die there? I guess not though cause yer hella talkative fer a dead man! Now ye talking, things’re getting spicy.

-No of course I didn’t die there, and I should thank Kaelach for that. He jumped in front of me to take the hit in my place. Though there was a lot of noise, I still heard him say two words: “Never again”. At that moment, I knew he was back with us and it eased a burden I felt. So I jumped in the melee and together we fought them. We did well, but at some point more and more were pouring out of the portal. We ran away to hide since we couldn’t beat so many. We went to Skullbay thinking we would be safe. Kaelach did an arm wrestling contest with a buffalo man and won, earning us a bit of money and leading us to you. I believe you know the rest of the story.

-After that, those damned patron had no more booze, right? What kinda place has no more booze anyway! Can’t say it was nice o’ ye to throw me in the water like ye did, but hey, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. After that there was that big ass army of girl-dude-whatevers in black right? I know how that ends, but damn, how did ye outrun a fuckin’ army in that stupid town?

-At first we tried to fight, but there was only so much we could do with three of us. I jumped in the bunch of them to distract them, Fosco somehow used a bow to attack them and Kaelach was casually swinging stands in their faces. Since they just kept on coming back, we started running. I lost them by hiding in a teahouse after quickly putting a drape on. I can’t say for the others, but my little finger tells me Kaelach went through the sewers. After I knocked one of the black widow assassins I stole his cape and ran to your ship. While I ran, Kaelach, in the sewers, grabbed my legs and pulled me down with him, probably thinking I was one of them. He quickly realized it was me and gave me a lift to the ship where Fosco was waiting. Luckily he was there to help us getting on board.

-I wouldn’t have gone without ya, yer my partners now.

-Well, your flying ship was sort of out of reach if not for Fosco. Anyway we made it, that’s what matters.

-Feelin’ better now? That’s a whole bunch of crazy story ye got kid. ‘not gonna be boring around y’all.

-I do feel better, thank you Derrick. I guess I just needed to talk it out a bit. I was a bit mad at both of them because of what happened, but looking back, really I should thank them.

-Hoy boy, don’t get no touchy feely here. I’m a ship cap’n, not a therapipe. There ain’t no place for more salt water on that ship so no tears allowed, understood?

-Yes sir!

-Now go get ol’ Derringer some goddamn wine would ya?

-I don’t think it’s the good time to drink, you’re steering the wheel.

-I dun’ think it’s the right time to ask questions ‘cause I might stop steering the wheel if I lack fuel.

-Aye aye captain…


Best drinking buddies? Captain Derringer and First Mate Del Maestro.

Take off
Boivin Chapeau

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