The World Above


"I demand permission to the Unconquered Sun"

Gulp, gulp, gulp

That’s just what I I said Derrick. The sailing part went well just… Aw shit, all outta wine.

-Aw damned pal, can’t I be for more than a day in a place without it running outta wine?!

-No. That’s kinda why… why you’re my buddy. My drinking buddy. My sailing buddy to. The other two couldn’t tell the difference between starboard and port even if I told them!

-Heh, heh, heh. They were helpful though during our trip.

-Yeah. You and I rocked the calm winds and all, but I think we would’ve just crashed when we arrived in the storm. You remember? Big dark clouds forming up above us and suddenly, the wall of rain hitting us. Us four running left and right, jumping on the deck from station to station, manning a thirty man ship. We did good job for quite a while. Up and until those… things showed up. If those weren’t Behemoths, I don’t know what is. Heck, even the Wine might be. We really thought we lost you after the crash, but you turned out to be tough as nails.

-Don’t scare me like that boy! Behemoth wine?! But after the crash and before I rescued you from that burrowing weapon of yours, what did you do?

-Bah, walking. Mostly in plains, eventually in some sort of boring desert. Not much… until that burrowing machine came out of the ground. Gobbled Kaelach and Zain instantly. I stabbed it with my sword, but it broke it off. Still, I ripped something out, so I assume it didn’t do it any good. They did make it out of the creature, though wounded and bruised. We ran. Each in their own direction. In the middle of a crater, where the creature was attacking us, there was a crashed… something. Like a high tech airship. Stuck in the airship was a big ass fiery sword, that you saw.

-Can’t really miss it.

-Still. I dashed for the ship. Thinking “heck, if we came here to get weapons, maybe we’ll be able to use those weapons against the Burrower!” Turns out I was kinda wrong. The heat in there was intense. Not spontaneous-combustion intense but taking-a-stroll-in-the-desert intense. I looked around on my own, without finding anyting, then my friends arrived to help. We found a hatch to the engineering bay in which was some thingamajig, which we managed to get working. It was a talking machine, a bit like something we have back home.

-Whoa, whoa, whoa. Talkin’ machine? Ya pulling me leg son?

-I shit you not. We talked a bit with it. Turns out it held some of the crew logs. The rest required a password. Not that it matters anymore, but hey. We found a secret hatch but could not open it. After trying some things, Kaelach managed to move the big sword by moving it down in the ground, melting part of the hatch because of the heat. Important thing is: we managed to open the damned thing… with the exception of a minor setback.

While trying, without much success, I got frustrated and did a prayer to the Sun. The Almighty or whatever. I prayed to him, showing my worth by saying that I am not afraid of him, challenging him. I thought: If he’s so cool, he’ll appreciate cool. He didn’t. Long period of silence during which I puched the sword. It was somewhat made of metal, but I managed to break off a small chunk of it. After some time, I got a reply. In reply to my prayer, I got these burn marks… I didn’t appreciate the moment let’s say…

I woke up later in the engineering bay, still cool. They guys managed to open the hatch and grab what was inside. You arrived shortly after on your new and… improved… ship and took us in this underground city. That’s mostly it.

-If I had a life like yours, I’d need to be drunker.

-Drink more?

-Drunker, the Derringer knows what he says pal! Now fetch me more wine!

[Enters Zain]

-Fosco, Derrick, don’t you think you should drink less? That and talk less loudly, we can hear you from afar.

-Hey, Zain. I’m bonding, telling him our tale of… burning swords and absence of loot. Plus, I’m hurt and Derrick had some wine left. Who do you think I am?

-Hey, you can walk straight kiddo, why don’t you go fetch us some wine?


Boivin Chapeau

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